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Do not be Afraid, Only Believe

Posted by Beacon Church on Tuesday, January 19, 2016, In : Services 

With the confusion and uncertainty of life wisdom, courage and patience will be needed in 2016. A New Year brings another opportunity for us all to learn from our mistakes of 2015, put the past behind us, to embrace both the good and the bad things that will no doubt come our way in 2016. To ‘embrace’ is to hold one another closely in the arms as a sign of affection. If we are believers we can trust that God will be by our side and will give us the wisdom, courage, strength and patience...

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Great to see new people speaking - 24th November!

Posted by Beacon Church on Wednesday, November 27, 2013, In : Services 
We had a great day on the 24th. The Youth-led service was an inspiration and it was so good to hear Samantha Jones speak for the first time on the topic "What would we do without the Almighty?". She challenged us not to be like Lot who was a 'hanger-on' with the people of God and never really committed himself - people were challenged to be committed and disciplined as Christians and to give their heart to the Lord if they hadn't done so. God is so good - somebody become a Christian that day!...
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