Hello, this is a quick survey on behalf of Beacon Church, Handsworth. We are planning a new building to serve the community. The building is primarily intended to serve the B21 postcode area including parts of Handsworth Wood, Lozells & East Handsworth and Soho wards. We would appreciate your anonymous but honest feedback about local needs to guide what we do in the future. Your answers and feedback will be held in confidence and will only be used as a guide for the new building project.

Please tick your answers as appropriate or choose from the drop down menu and add any further comments at the end:

1. Our community needs more facilities and commitment to children’s and youth work

2. Do you think churches can make a difference in fighting antisocial behaviour and gang activities through youth work in our community?

3. Do you think the availability of more child/parent help centres will boost child development in our community?

4. Churches need to do a lot more towards effective integration of new-comers to our community (e.g. Asylum seekers, refugees and those from the European Economic Area)

5. There is need for more facilities and support for the elderly and vulnerable in our community

6. There is insufficient mental health awareness and support in our community?

7. There are inadequate social activities and support for young people in our community

9. Gender

10. Are you a parent or guardian of a child under 18?