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Dear Sunday School Parents and Carers
We at Beacon have been thinking about the return of Sunday school.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to teach children about the goodness of God.  Our thinking so far, is to have in person Sunday School within the next month. 
This Sunday School would last for 45 minutes, starting at 12:30. 
All young people will gather in age bubbles Infants (ages 3-6/7), Juniors Years (2-6) and Seniors (Years 7-11). The Classes would remain separated.  Infants’ in the main school room; Juniors’ in main church hall and Seniors’ in the Porta-cabin.  All age appropriate social distancing and procedures will be maintained. 
Parents would drop off and collect from different entrances.   Parents would not be able to wait on site unfortunately.
We want to know if you would be interested in person Sunday School and would send your child/children to in person Sunday School as outlined above?

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